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Getting authentic products in today’s online era can be a tricky task. SpiceCliq is a Kerala-based spice brand that was formed to provide the best quality Kerala spices at reasonable rates. We specialize in providing fine-grade genuine Kerala spices at affordable prices. SpiceCliq has a wide range of whole and ground spices, ayurvedic products, Kerala snacks and sweets, tea/coffee, organic honey, etc. that are grown using best practices and modern equipment. The spices are packed as soon as they are harvested, so their aroma and flavor remain intact for a long time.

Best Online Shop for Kerala Spices Online

Traditional Reap

best online shop for Kerala spices

Gathering the most popular and exotic condiments of Kerala, we have formed ‘Traditional Reap,’ where we provide superior quality spices to enrich your palates. By delivering fresh-tasting condiments, Spicecliq assures you of a hearty meal that would enable you to enjoy and relish in. These aromatic condiments are specially chosen and hygienically packed so that they reach your tables with the freshness intact. Since we aim to reach both Indian and global markets, you can place your online order on spicecliq, Amazon and Flipkart.


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  Spicecliq has been reigning the kitchens across the world over the years, by offering premium quality spices and herbs online. Nurtured on the lush-green regions of Western Ghats and carefully hand-picked by plant experts, our spices can give life to any kind of food and bring a delicious burst to your taste palate. By integrating high-grade packing, we ensure to retain the same freshness and aroma of spices, acquired from the farm till it’s delivered to you. Backed with considerable years of experience in spice farming, we adhere to ethical trade practices and hold relevant business licenses. While our spices boast of being superior quality, their prices are quite easy on pockets. In fact, our rates are on par with those offered in local markets. All these years we have been thus consistent in earning several happy customers with satisfied appetites 

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Globally popular since age-o era, the spices from Kerala are highly regarded for being the finest quality of spices. The spices are mostly grown on terrains that have soil rich in natural bio elements. Plus, the cool climate plays a major role in helping the spice plants grow in full bounty and in healthy manner. All these factors promote the production of good quality products in large.

 Whether you’re looking for basic spices or some new ideas for your next meal, is the perfect shop for you. is the best online shop for Kerala spices. We sells wide variety of Kerala spices, including , black pepper, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, cloces and more…

Best Online Shop for Kerala Spices Online

Best Online Shop for Kerala Spices Online is and it’s a leading online shop for buying Kerala spices online from anywhere in the world. We provide a large range of spices at the lowest prices in India. We have the best quality products that are shipped directly from the farm to our warehouse to ensure that you get fresh and high-quality spices.

Spicecliq brings you the best of Kerala’s spices and herbs, providing you with a wide selection of products at affordable prices. We have a large assortment of spices, including cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, cumin seeds, ginger powder, black pepper, cloves, turmeric, and much more—all of which are available in our online store at

Spicecliq is the best online shop for authentic Kerala spices. They offer a wide range of high-quality whole and ground spices, blends, and seasonings, all sourced directly from Kerala, India. Shopping at Spicecliq guarantees that you will receive the freshest and most flavorful spices, allowing you to elevate your cooking and bring the taste of Kerala into your kitchen. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just starting out, Spicecliq has the spices you need to add depth and complexity to your dishes. With their commitment to customer satisfaction and easy online ordering, Spicecliq is the go-to destination for all your Kerala spice needs. has many customers from across the world because we offer the best quality products at reasonable prices with fast delivery service. So if you are looking for the best online shop for Kerala spice in India then visit Spicecliq today!

We ship worldwide, so you can get your favorite spices delivered right to your door. And we offer amazing discounts on our products, so you can get even more spices for your buck!

If you’ve never ordered Kerala spices from us before, don’t worry—we’ll walk you through it step-by-step! And if you have any questions about our spices and other products or the delivery process, just reach out through our contact form or by phone at any time.

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Buy spices online from spicecliq to stock your kitchen with a variety of flavors from the farm of spices land. Shopping for spices online provides a convenient and affordable way to access high-quality ingredients without leaving your home. You can choose from a wide selection of whole and ground spices, herb blends, and seasonings. Whether you’re looking to add heat to your cooking or trying to find the perfect blend for a special dish, buying spices online allows you to easily find what you’re looking for cooking. With fast shipping and competitive pricing, there’s never been a better time to buy spices online and elevate your cooking art.