Marayoor Jaggery- Sarkara

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Jaggery is a traditional sweetener. It is an advantageous source of minerals and essential nutrients. In India, Marayoor is a renowned place for the production of jaggery. Marayoor jaggery has wide acceptance in the market. Jaggery is made by absorption of sugarcane juice.


What makes marayoor jaggery so special?

Marayoor is a place in the world known as spices district Idukki of Kerala. It is a notable place for its large-scale sugarcane cultivation. Most of Marayoor is under sugarcane cultivation. Geographical peculiarities are the reasons behind its success in the cultivation of sugarcane and jaggery production. Marayoor has received the G I( Geographical Indication) tag. The Geographical Indication denotes the correspondence to a geographical origin. It is a certification that the product holds definite qualities which means the product is made through traditional methods and it enjoys a peculiar prestige due to its geographical root.

Marayoor is a very nearby town Munnar is a famous tourist village, it has high rainfall and a cool climate. It is situated on the eastern side of Western Ghats. It is far away from the coastal area and because of that, the soil is without salt content. The Marayoor Jaggery is one of the sweetest jaggeries. As mentioned earlier, the production of Marayoor jaggery is done completely through traditional methods under sheds located in sugarcane farms. No modern equipment is used in the process of making Marayoor Jaggery.

Marayoor jaggery is 100% natural and adds no chemicals. It is clean and hygienic. It is what makes Marayoor Jaggery so special.

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2 reviews for Marayoor Jaggery- Sarkara

  1. Roopa mathew

    Delivered original marayoor sarkkara, thanks spicecliq

  2. Suja R


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