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Banana chips are the unique snack of Kerala. It is a traditional snack of Kerala, which is very tasty and crispy as it is fried in coconut oil. Kerala chips are made from ‘Ethaka or Nenthraka’ which is a local variety of Bananas in Kerala. It has a wide acceptance all over the world as it has gained a special place along with spices.
It has a peculiar aroma which is a mixture of pure coconut oil and raw ‘Ethaka’. The crispy treat of banana chips is always tempting.

It is easy to make banana chips as it needs only green raw bananas, oil to deep fry, and salt to taste. The flaked green bananas have to be sliced equally and small. Then the sliced Bananas are put into the high boiled coconut oil to deep fry and finally take it back before it is fried badly. Then add sufficient salt to taste.
Nowadays banana chips are made with an extra addition of honey or other syrups which contribute a considerable amount of calories and fat.

As banana chips are dried, fried slices of taste, it is also considered as the snack of nutrition. It contains protein, carbs, fiber, potassium, vitamin B6 and sugar. Banana chips are easy to pack and a quick source of nutrition. It can be brought with you when you are playing or doing something heavy as it is considered an easy way of refueling energy. The notable thing is they are high in fat and sugar.

Well and tightly packed banana chips can be kept for many days. Our company provides the best quality banana chips. As a health concern, we also provide sugarless banana chips. We only use pure coconut oil to fry the banana chips. We value your time and health. We repay your collaboration with quality products.

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