Virgin Coconut Oil


virgin coconut oil-ഉരുക്ക് വെളിച്ചെണ്ണ


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virgin coconut oil-ഉരുക്ക് വെളിച്ചെണ്ണ

virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil, also known as the “mother of all oils”, is extracted from coconut milk in a very traditional way.

We have prepared it using only the first milk of A-grade coconut milk.

It is a rare medicine recommended by Ayurveda for many years.

Virgin coconut oil contains the medium-chain fatty acids and monoglycerides found in breast milk.
Virgin coconut oil is the second-largest source of lauric acid after breast milk, which can kill bacteria and viruses.
Our ancestors used Virgin coconut oil to rub on the head, apply on the body, bathe babies and touch the tongue.

Rubbing virgin coconut oil on the skin is very special for all skin diseases in children.
It can be used to remove postpartum spots on the abdomen

In the past, it was common to rub virgin coconut oil on sores and wounds.
Baby oils, which contain the mineral oil and chemicals available in the market today, are not only beneficial for babies but also harmful. Therefore, Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the best baby oils available today.

In adults, it is an excellent tool for controlling diabetes as it accelerates the use of blood glucose and increases insulin production.
Virgin Coconut oil increases the amount of good cholesterol that protects the heart and prevents heart disease
It strengthens the immune system against diseases such as cancer and enhances immunity in AIDS patients. In short, Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent tonic that can be consumed by both children and adults.

virgin coconut oil rub before bath will prevent wrinkles on the skin and maintain youth. In short, coconut oil is used in food, medicine, and cosmetics.

It is made from pure coconut milk and is free from any preservatives.

Eating ripe coconut and virgin coconut oil will dry the wounds inside. This frying coconut oil is very effective in drying the wounds that women experience during childbirth.

Westerners describe Virgin Coconut Oil as a 100% pure, organic, natural oil.

Virgin coconut oil has been shown to be effective in boosting immunity in AIDS patients.

Virgin coconut oil is also very effective for diabetics as it accelerates the use of blood glucose and increases insulin production.

Virgin coconut oil, which provides instant energy, is a favorite food of athletes.

Virgin Coconut oil helps to reduce the bad cholesterol that causes heart disease and increases the good cholesterol that protects the heart. y.

Health Benefits of Virgin coconut oil Intake Dosage 15ml – 30 ml every day on an empty stomach and at night after food
1. Boost your Immunity
2. Will Heal all your stomach-related issues from Gas trouble to colon cancer, and improve digestion.
3. Only medicine for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s which can reverse the symptoms and take them back to normal
4. Protects Heart by improving blood circulation and by boosting HDL level And make you stay out of Heart diseases.
5. One of the best medicine for PCOD and periods Related issues. (Have Results)
6. Medicine for Arthritis and Joint Pain .. These are Medicine for all most 140 diseases which include HIV and Cancer And the list goes on …
External Application …
1. Removes Dandruff
2. Stops Hair fall
3. Improves Hair Growth
4. Natural Skin Moisturizer
5. Acts as the most effective and Natural Sunscreen coz coconut contains Natural SPF.
6. Natural Make up Remover
7. Removes Wrinkles and Marks 8.Antiaging properties
9. Heals all wounds 8 times faster 10. Heals Burn Wounds and even old Burn marks
11. Removes all kinds of skin infections Coz it has got Anti Bacterial Anti Viral and Antifungal Properties … And the list goes on here too …

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