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Now diabetics can also drink coffee and tea with stevia. Stop using sugar. Get rid of sugar cravings.

Stevia is 40 to 60 times sweeter than sugar

Depending on the structure of the soil, it can be 40 to 60 times sweeter

Two leaves are enough for a glass of coffee/tea

Stevia powder is available on

Stevia is 40 to 60 times sweeter than sugar. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals involving soft drinks, candies, beer, and biscuits. Although the sweetness is excessive, the health benefits of stevia are indescribable.

Stevia can help control lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and dandruff. Stevia is used medicinally to prevent wounds from ripening, to prevent acne, and to eliminate hair loss. Stevia leaf juice should be used for hair loss. For acne, apply a thin layer of leaves on the affected area.
Its benefits have been reported in medical journals.
Stevia can help fight bacteria and fungus. Its leaves are squeezed and the juice is applied to the wounds to dry them. People with dandruff can also use it to get rid of dandruff.
The cultivation of stevia is very simple. The climate in most parts of India including Kerala is suitable for cultivation. The roots of stevia should be planted. The plants last for five to six months
Time to reap. Harvest time is when the white flowers appear on the plants. Mature leaves are pruned and left to dry. It takes 6 to 8 hours for the leaves to dry. The well-dried leaves are collected and taken to the mills. Stevia has a zero-calorie sweetness that can be used by diabetics.

Stevia can be used as a substitute for sugar for diabetics. It contains a compound called steviol glycoside which lowers blood sugar levels.

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