Pathimugam- Sappan Wood


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Pathimugham, also known as East Indian Rosewood or Sappan wood, is an excellent thirst quencher and blood purifier when boiled in water. The medicinal part of the pathimugam tree is the hard, heartwood, which turns light pink when boiled with water.


The use of real pathimugam is important for our body to feel cool and refreshed. It also purifies the blood in the body and facilitates the functioning of the kidneys. sappan wood also helps in preventing water-borne diseases. Helps to prevent skin diseases. pathimugam is a good antioxidant.

pathimugam/sapan wood also has the potential to prevent cancer. It has sedative properties. That is, it has a lot of ingredients that help you sleep has anti-fungal properties. It is a good remedy for urinary tract infections and eliminates unwanted mineral loss in the body during the summer.

It also helps in controlling diseases like cholera and typhoid which are spread during the monsoon season.


  • The core of the pathimugam tree is used in the treatment of ulcers, skin diseases, diabetes, and biliary diseases.
  • pathimugam plant is destined to be used in Ayurveda instead of blood sandalwood.
  • When boiled in water it is used for drinking. Drinking this in the summer will help cool the body and avoid stomach upsets.
  • sappan wood is used as a content of cosmetic products.

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