Quinoa-Chama Rice


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Chama rice

In today’s everyday life, due to bad eating and drinking, the body is prone to various diseases and the body is not able to get nutrition properly, but this food item is full of natural ingredients which along with strengthening the body. Provides nutrition too. It contains carbohydrates, which contribute to weight gain. It’s crucial to understand a few things regarding rice before forming any conclusions. Rice comes in a wide variety of kinds, which can be purchased based on personal preferences. Chama rice is particularly popular among them due to its nutritional value.it has more therapeutic compounds, and the skin layer around the grain boosts its biological value.


It is one of the highly beneficial cereals for diabetic patients who have to control the rapid rise and fall of glucose in the blood. It is a glycaemic index food that is a good source of slow-digesting fiber and carbohydrates.

This grain contains magnesium content, which helps a lot in heart-related diseases. Vitamin B3 is present in it, which proves effective in lowering cholesterol, it is also a source of minerals like phosphorus which helps in giving strength and energy to the body.

How to use

The use of this grain as food has started more especially in recent times, it is eaten with great fervor in states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Orissa. It is usually included in food in the form of dal, sambar, and curry. This Little Millet Khichdi is very much liked.

The food made by this cereal includes many recipes like Upma, Lemon Rice, and Normal Rice Roti, TikiyaDosa, and Sambar, and it can be cooked very quickly and eaten as breakfast or as a dinner which along with taste gives you a great taste. Disease-free will also provide good health.

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