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    If you are willing to buy spices from the offline market in Kerala from various retail and wholesale shops in Kumily, Munnar, and Kattappana. If you are looking for a bulk purchase of spices you can get them from the Idukki district in Kerala which is the largest exporter of spices. 

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The list of Indian Spices is given below
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 Indian spices is well known for it’s fragrance, the taste and medicinal values

 Twelve basic spices are there for Indian cuisine. 



Green cardamom


Fennel seeds

Mustard seeds


Cumin seeds

Black pepper




These are the main 12 spices for using Indian cooking


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COCHIN is the one of the largest market for Indian spices

COCHIN is the one of the largest market for Indian spices


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Spices are very important in Indian cuisine.
Spices like, turmeric, cumin, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, pepper, and cinnamon are used in Indian cuisine. Spices make food healthier and tastier, and spices give more shelflife for foods, so can be stored longer. Indian spices are popular all over the world.

Various uses of spices
In addition to being used in cooking, spices are also used for a variety of purposes. Some spices are used in the manufacture of Ayurvedic medicines. E.g., pepper, long paper. Some spices are important ingredients in cosmetics such as turmeric and saffron. Spices have long been used in the perfume industry, for example, cinnamon and turmeric.
Farms and Spices
Spices have become a way to provide more income to farmers as they have started cultivating spices instead of cultivating only grains and vegetables. While some spices fetched higher prices in the market, the farmers who cultivated them gained more wealth. E.g., vanilla, green cardamom.
Spices and Religion
Frankincense is a spice used daily in churches. Turmeric, mint, and sandalwood are of great importance in Hinduism.

Spices and Economy
Spices exports and freight add $ 12 billion to the commercial sector. For many countries, export earnings come mainly from spice exports.

India is a land of spicy foods. Different flavors of food are cooked in India using various spice mixes. Each state in India has a different cuisine. Everything uses different spice combinations.