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cumin powder

Cumin is the only annual plant that grows to a height of 5 cm to 75 cm. Cumin is widely grown in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Cumin has a high marker in the world market. Cumin is used in Ayurvedic medicine and as a spice. The medicinal part of it is the seed Cumin Cures Vomiting Diarrhea Eye Diseases Fever Rheumatism Mucus Ichil Asthma Heart Disease etc. Makes taste, sleep and increase breast milk.

Flaxseed root, coriander root, cumin, ginger, one and a half spoonfuls each good for piles. cumin can cure all postpartum ailments in women, including epilepsy, diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders.


Add cumin seeds, ghee and induppu and apply it on the skin to relieve the pain caused by scorpion stings.

Take 300 g of garlic and fry it in ghee. Fry 50 g each of black cumin, fennel and cumin. Put everything in a glass jar, close and dry. Serve one teaspoon each in the morning, afternoon and evening before meals. The gastrointestinal tract will calm down. Makes digestion and digestion.


Chewing cumin and pepper is good for sore throat


Pregnant women should take cumin seeds and infusion of cumin seeds at the age of 7 months to facilitate childbirth.



cumin is good for reducing obesity. Take a teaspoon each of cumin, mint, garlic juice and ginger juice and infuse it in two glasses of water and drink it in half a glass. Toxins in the body are excreted.


It has been reported that urinary incontinence occurs when using small amounts of cumin.


Some people may have urinary incontinence if they eat too much cumin. Adding a little fenugreek and a little fenugreek to cumin will not cause urinary incontinence.


Cumin is an excellent remedy for anemia.



Add cumin, sandalwood and turmeric to the water and apply it on the face.


Cooking food with cumin will increase digestion. If cumin is added to medicines. The harm of drugs will subside. Cumin is a remedy for hand poison (evolutionary poison). Cumin water is usually used to treat colds.

Dip 100g cumin in 100g lemon juice or vinegar, add 60g ginger, 40g black salt, grind and keep in a glass jar. 5g can be taken after meals. Abdominal pain, gas, anxiety and vomiting can be avoided


If mother Mark’s milk production is low, add white cumin powder and equal amount of sugar and drink it twice a day.

Jaundice is usually treated with cumin.

Cumin is also added to medicines for hemorrhoids.


When the oil boils, black cumin is added for coffee and colds. Heat black cumin and smell it.


Roasted cumin powder mixed with double sweetener powder can help you sleep better.

Take half a teaspoon of coriander and cumin infusion twice a day to reduce headaches. Licorice and cumin powder mixed with 8g powder red benana can be taken together to get sleep. To control vomiting in pregnant women, it is better to mix cumin powder with lemon juice and add sugar. An infusion of cumin, musk turmeric, black currant root and basil is very good for asthma relief.


Infusion of fenugreek, cumin and sesame seeds is good for menstruation. Crush the ginger well, grind the cumin and put it on the tongue and dissolve it a little bit to stop the vomiting. Making coffee with a small amount of cumin, black cumin and fenugreek is delicious and healthy. Adding cumin to wheat porridge is beneficial. In addition to the benefits of cumin, cumin has the ability to enhance the benefits of other medicines. Roast cumin in ghee and keep it in a bottle and serve half a teaspoon each in the morning.


Roasted cumin powder and served for a few days is very good for memory loss in the elderly. Too much is bad.


Apply cumin powder mixed with green milk or yoghurt on the face to reduce acne and dark spots. Those with dry skin should use milk and those with oily skin should use yogurt.


Roast cumin in mint juice, add oil and apply on the scalp. The sneezing will go away.


Cumin is also good for reducing the side effects of birth control pills.

Cumin is rich in potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin A and fiber. We use cumin as medicine and food.

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