Palm candy/ panamkalkandam

About Palm Candy

Palm Candy is also known as Taal Mishri in Hindi is made from the juice of palm. Its color is different from the commonly found sugar candy and is light brown. It is a natural sweetener and is abundant in nutrients and has a low glycaemic index value. Palm candy is rich in calcium, iron, vitamin B12, amino acids, etc. It is a natural antioxidant and helps in increasing the working capacity of the body.

Palm candy is a perfect substitute for refined sugar candies as it is rich in nutrition and low in calories. It is ideal when craving a low-calorie sweetener post-meal. It is an excellent food for weight watchers as it has properties that satiate hunger and prevents overeating when added to the daily diet. Since it is completely natural and unrefined it is safe for health and does not cause any side effects in the body.

Palm Candy for Babies

Palm candy is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals and this is the reason that is given to even babies as well. These are safe for consumption for babies 6 months old and above and can be given this natural sugar treat post consulting their pediatrician.

 When the baby’s bodies need the best nutrition, palm candy can be an excellent choice as it is rich in manganese and calcium that support the development of joints and bones. Other than this, palm candy has vital B vitamins that are required for optimal functioning of the cells of the body. 

It is loaded with plant-based dietary fiber and is beneficial for their gut health. Sensory and motor skills development in babies requires potassium in the diet. This can be achieved by adding palm candy to their diet and be assured of their holistic development.

If your baby is small and cannot be given whole palm candy, you can always grind them at home and use it as sugar to be added to baby foods.

How are Palm Candies Made?

Making palm candies at home can be a tedious task as it involves a variety of steps. Palm sugar is made by thickening the collected sap. The sap collection from the palm tree also requires the expertise of climbing on the tall palm tree and then cutting the bark of the tree to extract the sap. Palm syrup can be made from the boiling sap collected from the palm tree. It comes in bottles or tins and thickens and crystallizes with age. Boiling sap can also be hardened and sold in bricks or cakes shape. It might be golden brown, dark brown, or virtually black.

Can Palm Candy Cure UTI

A urinary tract infection (UTI) affects any component of your urinary system, including the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. The bladder and urethra are the most commonly infected parts of the urinary tract. It is commonly observed that women are more prone to UTIs as compared to men. However, urinary problems and pain are prevalent in both children and adults, particularly when we are unable to use the restroom frequently or when our body temperature rises. Palm candies mixed in milk and served and devoured are the finest remedy for this issue. This remedy provides quick relief from the urinary infection and also helps in pain caused in the uterus due to muscle spasms.

How Do you Eat Palm Candy?

Palm candy can be eaten as a sweetener after meals and it helps the digestion process as well. However, if you want to incorporate palm candy into your diet in a better way, you can grind the candy pieces and obtain a fine powder. This powder can be the replacement for sugar powder or sugar in your home. This palm sugar can be added to various recipes and be consumed in daily tea/coffee. For making low-calorie cakes and puddings, palm sugar is the perfect replacement. You can also add it to various chutneys and other condiments to enhance their taste. Its high versatility makes it a perfect fit for various sweet and savory dishes.

Palm Candy Online India

Online portals have made online shopping very convenient. Various online vendors sell palm candy online in India. However, it is always better to buy from the manufacturers directly for genuine quality and taste. Palm candy is native to Kerala and looks for brands based in the state. One such brand is The brand is based in Kerala and provides a wide range of products that are grown and produced by them. They sell authentic palm candy that is made using fresh palm sap and has undergone a tedious process to produce the finest quality palm sugar. They ship worldwide and havea user-friendly portal to operate on.

Palm Candy Price

Palm candy is easily available in India at reasonable prices. One can easily buy palm candy online directly from manufacturers to obtain fine quality at affordable rates. When you shopping for palm candy online, it is available for Rs 250 to 320 per kilogram. The price depends on the level of the process involved in making it and the level of quality. Also, when buying directly from manufacturers they offer lower prices due to lower costs and the non-involvement of middlemen.