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The right spices can make or break your recipe. Hence it is very important to consider where you are buying your spices from. SpiceCliq delivers the best Kerala Spices all over the world. It is very important that the spices that you are buying are fresh. The ones that are stocked in the grocery store racks are definitely not the fresh ones. The chances are that the marked expiry dates are longer than the actual flavor of spices lasts.

 Always consider buying whole spices over powdered ones. The flavor lasts longer by doing so. Spices such as cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and other varieties last for over years. Buying spices online helps you discover more varieties of spices. A special hack for buying spices online is to buy it in bulk. Make a list of spices you use almost every day and order them in bulk. This will ensure that the taste of your meals does not change on spice refill.

Why People Choose SpiceCliq

At SpiceCliq, we deliver fresh and high-quality spices from Kerala all over the world. Our Spices are from Kerala, the state that is well known for its high-quality spices from ancient times. In Kerala, spices are mostly grown in soil rich in natural organic matter. in addition, the climate of Kerala plays an important role in helping the aromatic plants to grow fully and healthily. All these factors promote the production of high-quality products.

We are not known just because of our spices but also our mark honey, coffee, green tea, green coffee, ayurvedic products, Natural Organic Spices, Kerala sweets, and home-made products from Kerala at the best prices. We have every spice online to be delivered globally.

 Our powdered spices are homemade and stay fresh for a longer time because of our high-quality packing. At SpiceCliq we also deliver Traditional Reap all over the world

we are delivering over 200 products from the past 3 years of Kerala to all over the world at reasonable price and shortest time possible



Gathering the most popular and exotic condiments of Kerala, we have formed ‘Traditional Reap,’ where we provide superior quality spices to enrich your palates. By delivering fresh-tasting condiments, Spicecliq assures you of a hearty meal that would enable you to enjoy and relish. These aromatic condiments are specially chosen and hygienically packed so that they reach your tables with the freshness intact.

Authentic Indian Spices Delivery at a Reasonable Price

Spicecliq delivers the best, high-quality, authentic spices all over the world in the shortest period possible at a very reasonable price.  For orders below INR 600, the Shipping charge is INR 90 For orders between INR 600- INR 1200, the Shipping charge is INR 60 For orders over INR 1200, Spicecliq offers free shipping all over India, and for orders between INR 450- INR 2500, you can pay in cash after delivery.

Bulk Spices for Sale Online with Free Shipping

At Spicecliq, get discounts on bulk orders of spices all over India. Get Free Shipping all over India on your orders over INR 1200.

High-Quality Spices from the Ancient Times

Cinnamon is the oldest known spice all over the world and they traded it even before the 1500s. In ancient times, spices were very expensive as gold due to lack of refrigeration and poor standards of hygiene. Because of this food was often spoiled and spices were in great demand that was used to mask the flavor of foods.  At Spicecliq, you will find a wide variety of high-quality spices from ancient times delivered all across the world. 

Here you will find the best quality organic spices, agmark honey, coffee, green tea, green coffee, and ayurvedic products.  The Seven Indian Spices cumin, clove, coriander, cinnamon, turmeric, fenugreek, and cardamom – are used in Indian dishes daily and are also known for their medicinal properties – are also available on Spicecliq.

Why Spices are Important in World History?

It is said by the Historians that spice trade has changed the world. Spices were as valuable as gold and gems in Europe during the Middle Ages. Spices didn’t only make merchants across the globe rich but also, established vast empires and revealed several countries to Europeans. Europeans needed spices to help preserve the meat. As the spice trade route was still via land, this made the transportation of goods expensive for Europe. 

This was more difficult as Europeans had nothing that the Asians wanted.  The definitive beginning of modern age was initiated by spice trade. Over the years, we used spices and herbs for their medicinal purposes. They were also used as a way to cover unpleasant tastes and odors of food, and also, to keep the food fresh. Ancient civilizations did not distinguish between spices and herbs used for flavoring and medicinal purposes.


Spices with Health Benefits

Spices are the concentrated source of antioxidants – says Diane Vizthum, Research Nutritionist. There are over 100 spices that are commonly used for cooking meals with huge health benefits. Some of the common and easily found spices with their health benefits are:

Ashwagandha: Also known as Withania somnifera is a small woody plant native to India and Africa. It is considered to help your body manage stress more effectively. Researchers say that it reduces levels of a hormone named cortisol that is produced by your adrenal glands in response to tension, overthinking, and stress.

Boswellia: Boswellia’s popular name is Indian frankincense or olibanum, is made from the resin of the Boswellia serrata tree. Bosewellia or kunthirikkam known for its easily recognizable spicy, woody aroma. Research suggests that it may be particularly effective at reducing redness by preventing the release of redness-causing compounds known as leukotrienes. It may reduce joint pain, enhance oral health, and improve digestion, and also increase breathing capacity in people with chronic asthma.

Triphala: It is an Ayurvedic remedy consisting of three small medicinal fruits – amla, bibhitaki, haritaki. Test-tube and animal studies show that Triphala may reduce soreness caused by arthritis, as well as prevent or limit the growth of certain types of cancer.

Brahmi: Also known as Bacopa monieri is a staple herb in Ayurvedic medicine. Brahmi is an Ayurvedic herb that is used to lower sensitivity, improve the functioning of your brain, and reduce the symptoms of ADHD. It may also increase your ability to deal with stress, though more studies is needed.

Gotu kola: Also known as Centella Asiatica or “the herb of longevity,” Gotu kola is made from a tasteless and odorless plant whose leaves are fan-shaped and green in color. It grows in and around water. Gotu kola is an Ayurvedic property that may help boost memory and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as improve a variety of skin health.


Best Indian Traditional Sweets Online Kerala

Spicecliq brings to you the best Indian traditional sweets delivered to your doorstep at a very reasonable price. You can buy Sarkkara Upperi, Karmur, Kerala Banana Chips, Sweet Seva, Pakkavada, Karaseva, Snowflakes Mixture, Rice Ball, Kuzhalappam, Jaggery Halwa, Carrot Halawa, Jackfruit Halwa, Banana Halwa, Dates Halwa, Pineapple Halwa, and more similar traditional sweets online from Kerala on Spicecliq


Most frequent questions and answers

Most of the spices come from our own farms. We also have local sources based in Kerala that deal with traditional spices. We also prepare home-made spice powders that are packed very carefully in air-tight containers to preserve its taste and quality.

We take complete precaution with the packaging and shipping of the spices so the flavor of the spices is not affected. The air-packed packaging is done with premium quality hygienic materials to sustain the quality and flavor of spices.

At SpiceCliq we accept returns only for spices and herbs. Other products like sweets, coffee, and tea cannot be returned. The products to be returned must be unused and packets must be unopened. We will take care of the pick-up procedure.


To place your return request, you need to follow this simple process:

WhatsApp +91 9400441115 with the format return #order Id

It is always suggested that you buy your spices online in bulk to have the same quality of taste after refill. To have the long-lasting flavor of the spice, follow these tips by experienced chefs and homemaker around the world:

  • Store your spices in an air-tight glass container. The container will keep the spices fresh for a longer time.

  • The spices should be stored in a dark and cool room, away from direct heat and sunlight. Direct heat will turn your spices bland

  • Do not place them over or near the stove. The heat will turn them bland more quickly.

Yes. You can buy wholesale quantities of spices online from SpiceCliq. The quality of the spices is not affected by the quantity of your order. For orders over INR 1200, the shipping charges would be free.

Yes. You can buy premium quality organic herbs and spices online from SpiceCliq

Due to covid-19, lots of small businesses have started selling their products online including businesses that sell spices. They are taking utmost precautions while shipping their products. Also, every safety measure is followed in the storage houses to avoid any direct contact with edible products and are implementing good hygiene practices. As a precaution, you can always make pre-paid orders to avoid any contact. Keep your package in the quarantined room for a few days before consumption.

Kerala’s Idukki district is the largest producer of cardamom in India. This district has shown great care and perseverance for the traditional spices of India and industries dealing with spices. The demand for green cardamom from Kerala has grown in recent years.Nedumkandam is a taluk in Idukki known for its cardamom and pepper production.

Buying spices from a new store can leave you quite doubtful whether to trust the brand or not. But doing the same from an online store takes away a lot of your similar burden.

From an online store, you can always check the rating and reviews of the previous customers. You can purchase spices in smaller quantities to check the quality of spices.

Always read the product description before make your order.

If possible, try to verify the origin of the spices. You can do this by reading the “About Us” page of the brand or any of its blog pages. This will not only give you the details of the country it is coming from but also the region, villages, or even the family who is cultivating the spices. If all these details are transparent, then you can rest assured that the spices are going to be of high-quality.

When kept in ideal conditions, spices and herbs can live long, fragrant lives:

Dried herbs will keep for 1 year. Ground spices will keep for 1 year. The whole spices will keep for 3 years. Make sure that direct sunlight will not reach your spices.

But before throwing out your spices, take a pinch of them on your hand and smell them. Fresh spices will have a strong scent whereas old ones will have no scent at all.

You must consider the following points before buying spices online for the first time:

  • Do not buy in bulk the first time. Order in smaller quantities to check the quality and flavor of the spices

  • Read the product descriptions very carefully

  • Read the shipping and returns policy of the store before placing your order

  • Don’t judge a brand by its price. Just because a store is selling its products at a lower price, does not ensure its quality and customer service

Buying spices online is very different from your regular shopping. One mistake can make your wonderful recipe turn into a disaster. Here are some tips that you should always take note of while buying spices online:

  • Buying Spices Online gives you the freedom to purchase from the comfort of your home. No more standing in the long queues and tolerating the strong smell of every species. You can order anytime during the day.

  • Your local grocery store has a very limited variety of spices. Consider getting spices from all over the world. SpiceCliq delivers the best high-quality spices from Kerala all over the world.

  • Buying spices online earns you a little more discount and that too on a regular interval. It is quite difficult to find such local grocery stores that will give you such heavy discounts on a regular basis.

  • Before adding any spice to your cart, make sure to always read the product description thoroughly.

  • For every spice you wish to purchase, always read the reviews. Also, whenever you make any purchase, do your part in sharing your reviews too. It helps the brand to improve their quality and also other customers who are looking to buy spices online.

SpiceCliq.com believes in delivering premium quality kerala green cardamom online at affordable prices and has a dedicated team of professionals that work hard in achieving this motto. Our team of experts harvest and process cardamom while following strict quality practices. To elevate quality and to preserve the oleoresin of spices, we have installed modern technology equipment including automatic dryer and sorting machines. These machines help in retaining the aroma and flavors during the processing procedure and this is the reason that our spices have a high percentage of oleoresins. To keep the freshness and aroma of the spices intact, we pay attention to the packaging as well. We ensure to use premium packaging for our spices and pack freshly processed ones that help to maintain the freshness of the spices for a long time.

Kerala is the largest producer of green cardamom. Cardamom price in Kerala is hitting Rs 3000 per kg because of producing the best quality cardamom in the whole world. Idukki district of Kerala consists of 80 percent of cardamom plantations. Renowned tourist spots Munnar and Thekkady are also situated in the Idukki district. Spice tourism is a popular activity in Kerala and various spice plantations can be seen flocked with tourists during the harvest season. The state is known to produce premium quality Gree cardamom and huge quantities of cardamom are exported from Kerala every year to the Middle East, America, and Europe. Kerala’s cardamom is loved for its fine quality and uniformity in Saudi Arabia.

Yes, even though Indian cardamom is known for its quality, color, and standards, however, India imports cardamom from Guatemala and Sri Lanka for various reasons. The price of the kerala green cardamom is high in the domestic market and there is a bulk and seasonal demand for this spice . The imported cardamom from Guatemala and Sri Lanka is mixed with Kerala’s cardamom and sold at cheap prices in the local shops. It has help to merchadisers more profit gain. But lose quality of cardamom.

The state is known as the spice garden of India and is the largest producer of small cardamom known as “choti elaichi”. For cardamom production, tropical and hot, humid climate conditions are essential. Kerala has a suitable climate and fertile soil that helps in yielding the best cardamom. Kerala’s cardamom is known for its high oil percentage that provides it a rich aroma and flavor.

The Njallani or Green Gold variety of cardamom was introduced in 1987 by farmers in innovation in the Idukki district of Kerala. The method was invented by trying artificial cross-pollination and different planting methods of cardamom. This technique provides better yield and improved agronomic management. This method changed the face of cardamom farming and the farmers started to switch to this farming technique. The cardamom pods that are produced are bigger than the regular ones and are dark green. Green gold cardamom has more seeds in it as compared to normal ones and the aroma of it is also powerful.

When stored in an airtight container away from sunlight and moisture, the freshness of green cardamom will be retained. Storing the spice in such a way can keep its goodness intact for up to 12 more months.

When stored in an airtight container away from sunlight and moisture, the freshness of green cardamom will be retained. Storing the spice in such a way can keep its goodness intact for up to 12 more months.

Many farmers have shifted to online marketing to sell their spices. This helps the customers to get premium quality green cardamom at cheaper rates when compared to local markets.

SpiceCliq.com is the Best place to buy cardamom online as the freshness of the green cardamom is retained as we deliver the fresh batch of kerala cardamom at your doorsteps. The robust packaging keeps the freshness intact and you can store it for a long time without fading its aroma and flavor. Visit our website to enjoy premium quality green cardamoms.

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