The Best Black Pepper Of Kerala

Best Black Pepper of Kerala

Pepper is almost as universal as salt and is used in a wide variety of cuisines all around the world. Among all the available varieties of pepper, black pepper is most versatile and handy and has been termed as the ‘King of Spices’. Pepper is the fruit part of the plant and is used in medicines and aromatherapy as well for its extensive range of health benefits. Indian pepper ranks among the top in the quality charts and is among the most preferred ones. Premium quality pepper will have consistency in size, flavor, and color. They feature a strong, rich flavor and are dry, blackish.

Black pepper has various proven health benefits like it aids digestion, supports oral health, helps in treating mild cough and fever. It is also extremely beneficial in a wide range of skin diseases and disorders and promotes the detoxification process of the body by clearing obstructions from different channels of the body. Studies have shown that regular consumption of black pepper can reduce the growth of cancer cells in the body as it is loaded with anti-carcinogen, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. Kerala is known to produce prime-quality black pepper. Malabar pepper and Tellicherry pepper are quite famous for their supreme quality and flavor profile.

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