Mace -Javitri- Broken


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Javitri- Broken


Javitri is a dark red colored thread-like material that covered the nutmeg. It is spicy in taste, somewhat like a blend of pepper and cinnamon, with a powerful aroma. Javitri is like the red net covering that the seed of nutmeg. javitri native of Indonesia.

It is widely grown in tropical regions of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Caribbean Islands, South India, and South America. Javitri is widely used in cooking because of its delicious flavor.

You can make sweets, puddings, muffins, cakes, and different variety of bread with mace being one of the key ingredients.

javitri is also used while brewing milk tea or masala milk, primarily because it tastes like a blend of cinnamon and pepper.

javitri gives a large number of benefits, and one of them is keeping the digestive system healthy.

  • It will relieve bloating, constipation, and gas-related problems.
  • javitri is good for regulating bowel movements. Use javitri to cure nausea, and to treat diarrhea and flatulence.
  • Mace spice Encourages Appetite. It will help you eat well, thus keeping you healthy.
  • Javitri is good for better Blood Circulation. Javitri will help your skin and hair keep healthy, and also keep away  from dangerous diseases and infections.
  • Usage of javitri yo help, effectively eliminates tension and anxiety and helps you feel calm and peaceful. Javitri relieves mental exhaustion too. Javitri spice can help you pay more attention to work and also increase your memory.
  • Mace or javitri can also good for treat cold and cough. It protects you from flu and viral diseases. Javitri keeps your body safe and protected from many diseases. Javitri widely used to make cough syrups and cold rubs. javitri Spice is also a good remedy for asthma.

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